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TLS and Industry 4.0 - Conclusion


Wrapping-up a conclusion

“Conclusion”, when it come to a prospective thinking about a future 10 or 20 years ahead, cannot be understood as a definitive one. It’s more a wrap-up of likely-to-happen scenario, and likely to evolve according to technical and conceptual evolutions.

Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints should survive the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), even possibly find a revival with new use cases..

Lean and Theory of Constraints should demonstrate their robustness and universality just naturally applying in the new environment, without need for revision or update.

I am more sceptical about Six Sigma. No doubt Six Sigma will find its own use cases and demonstrate its relevance in a cybernetic environment, yet the mass of data generated by smart machines, devices and objects and their nature will need to reconsider their analysis, the methods and the tools.

My assumption is based on Big Data and High Performance Computing promises, new approaches and techniques, already handy (or in a very near future). Instead of applying statistical techniques to only a few critical-to-something parameters, its a global approach taking into account numerous parameters in scenarios that should emerge.

Besides, all the math of Six Sigma can be transferred (embedded) to smart machines and smart processes. What will be the need for (so many) experts?

 I assume the survival of Six Sigma in smart plants will need some adaptation Lean and ToC won’t need.

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